Shipping Information

To bring you a variety of unique products we, the PAX team, have partnered with some of the best producers and manufactures across the globe.

For you as a customer, this means:
A convenient access to exquisite, individually manufactured products, made by visionary companies. At unbeatable prices.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides: Despite your order being directly forwarded to the producer, the production and delivery time may vary widely.

It’s a key part of our philosophy to cooperate with smaller peer group businesses, instead of large, mass-producing corporations. True innovation and brilliant ideas can only arise out of hotbeds like this.

Sometimes unforeseen heavy demand puts pressure on our producer which prolongs the waiting time.

In most cases, your delivery will arrive within 2-4 weeks. In the rarest exceptional cases up to 6-8 weeks.

The reasons are manifold. Frequently, the products will cross several customs borders before arriving at your front door. Sadly, the international community makes it way easier for big companies rather than for the small ones.

Besides that, the transport from France to the UK takes less time than to Australia, for instance.

Our quality managers have monitored all the cooperating businesses very closely. We only work with companies we trust absolutely. You shouldn’t worry about not getting your product.  Even if sometimes it takes longer than we would like it to.

Also, don’t forget: Our support team is here to assist you with all questions and problems you may have. Our employees will gladly inform you about the state of your order.

Thanks for doing business with us!  As always your satisfaction is our greatest priority.