Modern Style Steering Wheel Knob

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The steering wheel power ball can lessen the turning radius and helps beginners and female drivers to drive safely and conveniently when turning. The bearing-mounted power handle enables drivers to steer softly when driving slowly and parking cars.

Elegant appearance design upgrades fashion of your car. Durable construction for years of trouble free use.

Compatible with most major of vehicles, customize your car with this car strengthener ball. Enhance convenience and safety for driving.


  • Make sure the power handle is mounted securely before using.
  • Check the bolt often if fixed or not.
  • Never use additional adhesive liquid.
  • Avoid using the power handle when you drive with high speed (more than 40KM/H).
  • If the steering wheel cover is installed, mount the power handle after taking off the wheel cover, and install the cover again over it.

***Please Allow 2-4 Weeks for Delivery****